Engineering design is a creative hands-on career where technical knowledge and personnel innovation are used throughout the working life. MEC primarily aims at attracting personnel for positions requiring a few years of work experience, who will then go through the career development programs as envisaged by the organization. Various recruitment tools are being used, such as online advertising in specialist sites, social media and print media, recruitment agencies, employee referrals, etc.You’ll use creative thinking, technical knowledge, and personal innovation throughout your working life.

MEC technical recruitment policy is to recruit young technical college undergraduates and graduates, and further train them in gaining the necessary qualifications to enable them to rise to a technically competent level in the Oil and Gas industry.As a pre-recruitment tool, job traineeships are provided to select undergraduates to develop an interest among students for a career in engineering and construction from an early stage. The company guidelines for recruitment and development of new engineering personnel are as follows: Engineers – minimum bachelor’s degree.

Designers – minimum HND.

Draftsperson – a diploma in engineering.

MEC offers employees challenging career opportunities based on the following tools and systems:

Career paths: Successive positions which are achievable for employees who have the ability and ambition to develop themselves professionally is available at the HR department.

  • Personal Development Plan: Employees, in consultation with his manager, prepare a PDP, outlining the employee’s ambitions, the (growth in) skills and competence necessary to achieve these ambitions as well as training needs.
  • Mentoring: new recruits will be provided with an experienced mentor who will coach the employee in his daily work.
  • Training programs: in addition to on-the-job training by a mentor, selected employees will be invited to participate in specific training programs to help them developing the necessary skills and competence in their current positions as well as for their next career move. Examples are:
  • Competitive compensation packages: In comparison to competitors operating in the engineering and construction market in Oman T&P compensation packages are the best. It is also much higher than the minimum salary prescribed by the Government for local recruitment.
  • Performance assessment of each employee: This includes an annual assessment by the hierarchical manager of the employee’s performance over the assessment period as well as a review of the employee’s PDP and training needs. For this annual assessment, input from the employee’s mentor will be sought.
  • Succession Planning: Serves to achieve continuity in MEC but also provides career perspective for selected employees.

MEC ensures that employees are treated with consideration, courtesy and dignity and their perspectives are taken seriously. Senior management ensures proper leadership and guidance to the employees in discharging their responsibilities. Employees are encouraged to follow the compliance guidelines. Job security is ensured, and opportunities are provided for formal and informal learning.

MEC has ensured diversity at the workplace by employing personnel based on their capabilities and this has resulted in hiring people of different ethnicity, nationalities and gender equity is also maintained. This brings new perspectives and backgrounds to the organization. Diverse representation is maintained from top to bottom. MEC has zero tolerance policy towards any form of discrimination, bullying etc. on any attribute, including diversity. Emphasis is also given for inclusion to make every individual feel valued, respected, and treated fairly which enhances teamwork and delivers more effective services. Special talents are recognized, encouraged, and rewarded.

Working at MEC offers an opportunity to practice engineering design alongside experienced personnel in an environment that respects individuals, values diversity and encourages innovation. MEC offers one of the best remuneration packages in the industry. Employee contributions to the organization is valued and rewarded with incentives and yearly bonuses as per rewards frameworks. Medical Insurance is provided to all employees and their families. Social benefits as stipulated by the country’s laws are also provided. Opportunities are also available for sports.

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