Safety Management System and its 4 Pillars



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Safety is a vital aspect of engineering, and it is necessary to ensure that every procedure and system is planned, established, and executed with safety in consideration. A safety engineer is a professional who manages safety in the engineering spectrum through an extensive strategy named the Safety Management System (SMS). It is a methodical and proactive approach to analyzing, reviewing, and managing risks to prevent injuries and mishaps. 


In this blog, we'll take a look at the four pillars of an engineering safety management system and its significance in guaranteeing workplace safety


1. Safety Policy

The safety policy is the foundation of the SMS. It highlights the organization's dedication to safety alongside the strategies and techniques that will be implemented to accomplish its safety goals. To make sure that everyone is conscious of their roles and obligations regarding security, the safety policy ought to be addressed to all employees, contractors, and stakeholders.

The factors that need to be stipulated in the safety policy:

⦁    A declaration of the business's commitment to safety.
⦁    The purposes and objectives of the safety effort.
⦁    The duties and responsibilities associated with maintaining security.
⦁    the methods and tactics which will be employed to achieve the safety ambitions.

2. Risk Management

Risk management is a method of finding, assessing, and eliminating risks by lowering the potential for mishaps and injuries. It comprises determining risks, estimating the likelihood and severity of upcoming occurrences, and implementing controls that lessen dangers. Risk management must be encompassed in all engineering tasks on a continuous basis.

Follow this quick process to navigate uncertainty for effective risk management:

⦁    Recognizing dangers and possible risks.
⦁    Estimating the probability and impact of expected mishaps.
⦁    The enactment of safeguards to reduce hazards.
⦁    Observing and evaluating the controls' performance.
⦁    Frequent review and revision of the risk management plan.

3. Safety Assurance

The method of keeping track of and reviewing the efficacy of the SMS is recognized as safety assurance. It entails performing safety audits, assessments, and reviews to define issues and to ensure that safety protocols are being fulfilled. To guarantee that the SMS is updated and functional, safety assurance activities should be enforced often.

Several elements must be included in the safety assurance process:

⦁    Detecting places that require development.
⦁    Verifying that safety precautions are being performed.
⦁    Monitoring and assessing the SMS's success.
⦁    Regularly checking and improving the safety guidelines and measures.

4. Safety Promotion

The practice of cultivating safety awareness and fostering a safety culture within the workplace is known as safety promotion. It includes providing training and instruction to employees, suppliers, and consumers to help make assured they comprehend the value of safety and their role in upholding safety. Safety promotion should be perpetual to ensure that safety remains the primary concern.

These elements need to be integrated into the safety promotion approach:

⦁    Delivering safety awareness and instruction to individuals.
⦁    Promoting a culture of safety at work.
⦁    Employee safety efforts deserve to be acknowledged and appreciated.
⦁    It supports employee engagement in safety initiatives.


Summing up

In summary, the Safety Management System provides an in-depth plan to supervise safety in engineering. Companies can develop a secure workplace where their employees can thrive with confidence and concentration on delivering exceptional output through implementing these four pillars of safety policy, risk management, assurance, and promotion into action.



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